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Building critical components of a 5G future

The Solution

Connecting the 5G network is a complex task requiring a combination of next-generation hardware and smart software

Airbeam will provide the bridge that interconnects the network of the future.

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Airbeam: wireless backhaul technology meets the needs of 5G and Smart City networks

Airbeam enables the next generation of wireless network infrastructure upgrades at lower cost.

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Wireless backhaul

Connecting the future one Small Cell at a time: Airbeam’s 5G-focussed technology offers a powerful, cost-effective solution to meet urban wireless backhaul demand.

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Smart Cities and Smart Roads

5G is a key enabler of Smart Cities. Through unique product and innovative technology, Airbeam is building the foundations that will power the Smart Cities and Smart Roads of the future. Initial applications include outdoor high-definition security camera, massive IoT, smart lighting control, parking, traffic control in Smart Cities and roadside unit for Smart Roads.

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Smart Cells

New networks to provide enhanced service for high concentration traffic.

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