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Network Application

GigaRay Liberty 60 GHz wireless backhaul solution

High capacity, high density low administrative cost solution

Gigaray® Features

60GHz wireless delivering fiber-like speed

Broadband Connection

200m @ Over 1.3Gbps

maximum TCP/IP throughput

Proven Beem-Steering Technology


Point-to-point and relay transmission configuration

Support frequency and spatial re-use, increase network capacity

±30 degree direction coverage for beam tracking, make easy deployment possible

Link quality and MCS setting can be monitored

Line-of-sight transmission

System-level solution offers fast time to market


GigaRay Liberty

GigaRay Liberty CP18BHx8 series provides an ideal solution for the wireless backhaul network applications. GigaRayTM Liberty CP18BHx8 is fully compatible with the IEEE802.11ad/WiGig standard and utilize the channel 2 and 3 of 60GHz ISMband, which span from 59.4 to 63.7GHz. The channel bandwidth is 2.16GHz and supports a raw data rate up to 2.31Gbps, which translates to a data throughput of 1.3Gbps under TCP/IP protocol. CP18BHx8 adopts many other advanced wireless technologies such as MIMO, phase array antenna design and beamforming algorithm. Those technologies enable CP18BHx8 to offer much higher transmission data rate, better anti-interference performance and the advantage of spatial reuse.

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Key Features

Easy scale

Scale when you needed it with Gigaray relay technology to ensure high availability and reliability

Key Features

Easy deployment

No need to lay dawn fiber or any wire. Mount on existing light pole and provide back-haul connectivity

The Application Scenario

GigaRay wireless
infrastructure applications

Wireless broardband backhaul and access 4G LTE small cell backhaul Enterprise or campus backhaul